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QuickCheck is a hand-held portable device that connects to your 十年在线体育真人娱乐品牌Cummins ECM.It can transfer ‘hot specs,' read fault codes and engine data, direct engine edits,and trim or enable electronic engine features.

The QuickCheck user manuals are installed in PowerSpec under C:\ProgramData\十年在线体育真人娱乐品牌Cummins\QuickCheck

Note:the QC5100 and QC5200 handhelds are no longer sold;however,firmware upgrades for these devices are still available by installing the latest version ofPowerSpec PC.Legacy 12BET官方手机网站products QuickCheck I,II,and III are no longer supported.

For more information on PowerSpec,please visit thePowerSpec website.

Software Licensing

Some 十年在线体育真人娱乐品牌Cummins software and mobile applications – including INSITE™,Guidanz™,PowerSpec and QuickCheck – require unique software licenses for use.Licenses are available through a 十年在线体育真人娱乐品牌Cummins-authorized distributor or dealer.Please provide us a few details to find your local representative.

Issues and Solutions

When you do contact support,please be ready to provide the following information:

  • The version of the Windows operating system installed on your PC
  • The actual error message or state that you are experiencing
  • The steps taken to reproduce the problem
  • The version of PowerSpec CE or QuickCheck CE installed on your QuickCheck Handled Computer.
  • The version of PowerSpec PC installed on your PC

To find Windows operating system version information:
TheMicrosoft websitecan be used to help determine your PC's operating system.

To find PowerSpec CE,QuickCheck CE,or other application version information:

  1. Tap the application icon.
  2. Tap the Help (or Options) Menu in the application.
  3. Tap About.

To find PowerSpec PC version information:

  1. Launch the PowerSpec PC application.
  2. The version information is displayed in the Title Bar on the middle of the main window.

To find the QC5600 OS Platform Version:

  1. Turn ON the QC5600 device.
  2. If open,close the QC5600 Application Suite.The device should now be at the Window CE desktop.If not,continue to close open files and/or windows until the Window CE desktop is displayed.
  3. Select "My Device" folder by double clicking the "My Device" icon.
  4. Select "Control Panel" folder by double clicking the "Control Panel" icon.
  5. Select "System Info" folder by double clicking the "System Info" icon.
  6. From the System Info window,select the "Version Info" tab.

The Platform Version number will be displayed on the second line of this window:
Old Version:     1.00 Build 31
Latest Version:  1.01 Build 1

Note: Updating the QC5600 OS Platform version to 1.01 Build 1 significantly increases the QC5600's battery life when left disconnected from the vehicle or wall charger.

  1. Verify that PowerSpec PC version 6.0 or greater is installed on your PC.
  2. Using the QuickCheck Sync cable,sync the QC5600 device to the PC.The sync process will copy the new OS Platform firmware (NK.bin) to the QC5600 device.
  3. Once the sync process is complete,disconnect the QC5600 from the PC.
  4. Verify the QC5600 is still powered ON.
  5. Press and hold the "Down Arrow" key.Press and release the "Reset" dimple (located just below the green "Enter" key).
  6. Once the splash screen stating: "Reading Update File…." is displayed,release the "Down Arrow" key.
  7. The OS Platform version will be updated and the QC5600 will reset to the QuickCheck Application Suite desktop.This process takes approximately 30 seconds.
  8. Verify the OS Platform version has been updated (refer to "To Find the QC5600 OS Platform Version" in this FAQ section.

Questions and Answers

Verify that the QuickCheck handheld is receiving external power through the DB25 power/data link cable.If the orange power LED on the QuickCheck device is not on (blinking or on continuously),check for bent pins on the DB25 connector.If the orange LED is blinking,this indicates that the battery in the QuickCheck is being charged.The orange LED remains on continuously when the battery is fully charged.With the QuickCheck main screen closed,verify the status of the battery charge with the Settings,Control Panel,Power properties program.If the battery does not retain a charge for long after being recharged for 8 hours,it may need to be replaced.

This indicates that the QuickCheck handheld is not communicating over the vehicle data link.Verify that the data link cable is securely connected and there are no bent connector pins (try disconnecting and reconnecting the DB25/data link cable at both ends).Also verify that the vehicle keyswitch is in the ""On"" position,and the ECM is properly connected and receiving power.

No,however,you cannot use the transfer HotSpec feature of PowerSpec CE on your QuickCheck handheld computer.QuickCheck Handheld registration allows HotSpecs to be stored and transferred for the QuickCheck handheld computer to the engine.

QuickCheck registration takes place during the creation of a QuickCheck HotSpec using PowerSpec PC.

  1. Connect your QuickCheck Handheld to the PC.这将启动PowerSpec PC应用程序。
  2. From the main PowerSpec PC window,note the QuickCheck Handheld's PC ID
  3. Select the "Feature Spec" menu option.
  4. Create a new Spec,then click the "Save" button.
  5. Click the "Register new PC IDs" button.
  6. Click the "Register PC ID" button.
  7. Enter the QuickCheck Handheld's PC ID and device description information.
  8. Click the "Register" button.

No;however,you cannot use the Direct Engine Edit feature of PowerSpec CE on your QuickCheck handheld computer.QuickCheck Handheld licensing enables the Direct Engine Edit feature of PowerSpec CE.

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