Cummins Marine Engines and Gensets for Superyachts

Powerfully Elegant

When an engineer uses the term “elegant” it means something more than just regal or stylish in appearance. It means simple, straightforward and streamlined in operation – a solution that harnesses complex, innovative technology to make everything work seamlessly and easily.

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With Cummins, you can get both your propulsion engines and your auxiliary power from a single, reliable source. Your crew can use one set of diagnostic tools on all your engines. Any and every type of maintenance or service question can be answered by calling a single number – (1-800-CUMMINSTM值), where our Cummins experts are available to lend assistance 24/7. It’s the complete package, one you can trust, whether you’re cruising the Greek islands or outrunning a tropical storm.



MegaWatts For MegaYachts

在离开航行之前,您需要安心,以满足您所有电气需求,以便在海上保持安全和舒适。您可以信任康明斯完整的恒速船十年在线体育真人娱乐品牌用电源解决方案,专为海洋电气需求而设计。这些包括用于紧急或船舶电源,柴油电动推进,电源单元和液压单元的电力发电。康明斯的输出onan安静的海十年在线体育真人娱乐品牌洋发电机的范围从4 kWe到65kWe,可在您选择50或60赫兹。具有高达1240 kW的辅助电源解决方案可用于需要更重要的酒店负荷的船只。

We’ve Got Your Stern


Global Leaders Embrace Technological Leadership

For 100 years, Cummins has powered success and impacted everyday life around the world. Top executives that are tasked with running healthcare systems, social media giants, trucking titans, technology companies and high-speed passenger ferries depend on Cummins to help them deliver the necessities of everyday life. We’re leveraging our proven technological leadership and global service presence to deliver comprehensive power solutions for the superyacht market.

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