Military Generators / AMMPS / GSA

Military operations come with unique energy challenges.十年在线体育真人娱乐品牌Cummins builds on nearly 100 years of innovation,service and dependability and 12BET官方手机网站partnering with the U.S.government.

Win the Power Battle

From BEAR (Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources) to AMMPS (Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources),十年在线体育真人娱乐品牌Cummins delivers the military experience and technical capabilities you need to meet demanding performance,logistics and mobile power requirements.

Our military generators:

  • Reduce logistics footprint (fuel and maintenance)
  • Provide higher system reliability
  • Improve unit mobility and transportability
  • Reduce operations and maintenance costs
  • Replace aged generator sets
  • Meet U.S.环保署空气污染要求

Our industry-leading sales engineering and service support is available 24/7 from our distributors across the United States.12bet .

As the industry leader,we offer the widest range of diesel and gas generator models for military use.This ensures that you will find the most economically sized equipment for your specification or load.

Product information is also available online atwww.gsaadvantage.govby searching for "GS-07F-017DA" or contact the Government Group at 1-866-829-5090.

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