HOLSET.®Turbochargers and Air Handling



Commercial diesel engines require advanced technologies that deliver efficiency and meet strict emissions requirements. Our fixed, wastegate, variable, two-stage, turbo-compounding and waste heat expander technologies were specifically developed to deliver higher efficiency and lower cost.

Today, Cummins Turbo Technologies engineers are actively developing state of the art solutions for the next generation, including assisted turbocharging, new bearing systems and enhanced compressor stage performance.



The Holset®品牌源于固定几何技术,turbochargers which funnel all the exhaust gas to the turbine to boost engine power. With over 60 years experience of meeting customer power requirements, Cummins Turbo Technologies’ expertise is tried and tested, and produces some of the world’s most optimized, efficient and reliable turbochargers.


Variable Geometry Turbochargers

The Holset®VGT™ from Cummins Turbo Technologies pioneered Variable Geometry (VG) technology for the commercial vehicle market in 1998. Featuring a patented sliding nozzle ring, the Holset®VGT™提供宽的流量范围,可在低发动机速度下进行更高的升压压力。VG技术提供最省油的驾驶短路排气再循环(EGR)的方法,用于减少NOx水平。


Wastegate Turbochargers

Wastegate technology helps to prevent turbocharger over-speeding, as well as engine overboost. The well-engineered Holset®wastegate turbochargers employ the same industry-leading design techniques used throughout Cummins. Wastegate turbochargers improve upon fixed geometry units with an overall 3% increase in efficiency, and they can be optimized for various aftertreatment systems.


Cummins Turbo Technologies News

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"> How a turbocharger works video still

How a turbocharger works

This short video featuring the Cummins Turbo Technologies HE400VG provides an animated overview of how a turbocharger works.


"> Still image of turbocharger from video

Meet the new 7th generation series 400 variable geometry turbocharger

400系列VGT在2021年推出,与其前身相比,涡轮增压器效率高5%。LeapFrog创新是多间隙护罩设计和新车轮选项的综合影响,以提供更高的涡轮机效率。最新的HE 400 VGT将帮助发动机制造商满足即将到来的排放标准,并提供最佳级燃料经济性。




  1. Turbine wheel
  2. 涡轮机外壳
  3. Exhaust gas inlet
  4. Exhaust gas outlet
  5. Compressor wheel
  6. Compressor housing
  7. 轴承系统
  8. Compressed air outlet

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